How a Totally Broke Office Worker in Portland Oregon Went From Financial Desperation to Never Having Another Money Worry for the Rest of His Life.

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Let me explain.

Dear Friend,

I must tell you this true story, because it’s so powerful and because so many people need to hear it.

About 5 years ago… there was a office-worker in Portland, Oregon who was broke. He and his wife, Julie, were so broke they sometimes did not have enough money to buy gas to go to the office.

It had been months since he had seen a paycheck.

They were so broke, they were way behind on their mortgage payments.

And one day… The sheriff posted one of those nasty EVICTION notices on their door.

Imagine how desperate they felt – to make even a small amount of money. He was a hard worker. But nothing was happening. They needed money FAST.

THEN—One day… he suddenly discovered he was sitting on an INSTANT PAY SOLUTION and he didn’t even know it.

You’re Probably Wondering – What is “INSTANT PAY SOLUTION”… I Will Tell You.

You see… a year earlier he and his wife had joined an online, video sharing platform. He was using this platform to keep in touch with his family, friends and business customers.

It was fun and easy to use the video sharing platform – But there was something magical about the program – that had not dawned on him – until he was totally desperate for money.

What was it? Just this –

This VIDEO sharing platform had a simple, INSTANT PAY plan built into it.

SURPRISINGLY… this online, video platform would PAY YOU within 3-minutes of anyone joining up in your network, anywhere in the world.

To his amazement – the video platform was not only easy-to-use… but even easier to share with others around the country and around the world.

Before I go on… Here are some FACTS you need to know:

FACT: Online video is the HOTTEST TREND on the internet right now. It’s so HOT that Cisco Systems boldly predicts that video will be 90% of all online traffic… in just a few years. That’s a hot trend.

FACT: If you want to make money the easy way… you’ve got to jump in FRONT of a GROWING TREND.

FACT: You don’t want to be left behind by hanging on to dying trends.

You are probably already aware of the fact that most highly successful people got rich by finding a trend and jumping in front of the trend and reaping a huge payoff.

Think Henry Ford – think Bill Gates – think Sam Walton – This is like that – except it’s the trend of all the online video communication tools we want and need to improve our lives, communicate with our family and friends and customers and to change the world.

The video platform this Portland office-worker had joined is called Talk Fusion and it’s a social media sharing site kind of like Facebook or Twitter. Only it’s all about Video. And Unlike Facebook or Twitter – Talk Fusion PAYS YOU, INSTANTLY to share the news about the video tools we offer.

It’s a fact that Talk Fusion is leading the charge (of the online video trend) with online video communication tools like –

Video emails
Video webinar tools
Video blogging tools
Video sharing tools
Video newsletter tools – and more.

And it’s a fact that people around the world are using Talk Fusion to keep in touch with family, friends and customers PLUS they are making money just by sharing the platform with others. –

One of the things you’re really going to love about Talk Fusion is the instant pay program they give you. The company gives you a real, company debit card – and loads it up with cash every time there is any customer transaction – anywhere in the world – as long as the customer is somewhere in your social network of Talk Fusion users.

NOTE: This program lets you make money even if you NEVER, EVER make a video or send one out for yourself. Let me repeat that – You can make money with this platform even if you know NOTHING –ZERO –NADA about video.

Your going to thrill to discover how easy it can be to make money from a simple trend – like the online video trend. When you think about the possibilities you might not be able to sleep tonight – as you make up your mind to join this powerful video networking platform opportunity.

So your probably wondering how fast you can be making money with this program – I’m here to share with you that if you stop what you’re doing and JOIN my Talk Fusion Team… you could be making money with this in as little as 72 hours from now –

Why I Got So Excited About This Unique Program.

One of the many reasons I got so excited about this program – is what Joe Reid told me – (Joe got a call from Minh Ho, the Oregon office worker who discovered the magic of Talk Fusion. Minh and Julie invited Joe to join them in this special, social media, money-making opportunity.)

Joe said to me: “Man this instant pay plan is amazing – I wake up each morning and there’s a bunch of new money loaded upon my debit card – coming from all over the world. “

Once I realized the power behind Talk Fusion’s cash-flow model I said to myself “I can’t find anything else that makes as much sense, so I want in. I want to help everyone make money with this.”

GO TO the link at the end of my letter to find the JOIN NOW button. I’ll get an email as soon as you join and I’ll contact you to make sure you’re on your way to finding success in this fun, online money-generating system.

It’s good to get into a powerful trend early on – to lock in an almost unlimited income – isn’t it?

ALL you need is a computer, or an I-pad, or a smart phone—If you want to make money today…at home… online… with this growing video trend… here is your chance… online video has made others “filthy, stinking rich” – why not you?

Minh Ho and his wife Julie, were making some $10,000 a week before too long. And Joe was making some $10,000 a month.

Remember: You can do this even if you never make or watch or share videos. You can do this.

I know that you have likely considered other money making opportunities before – But you’ve probably never seen one that has worldwide possibilities – with Instant Pay and no product or inventory you have to buy and to store in your garage or ship out to your customer – But that’s not what you get with Talk Fusion’s Online Video Platform.

Instead – You get Instant Pay – from a Worldwide Network – in a GROWING TREND… and a product delivered “digitally”… all the hard work is done for you.

By now you can recognize that Talk Fusion is out in front of the online digital world with video tools that everyone can easily use to both make money and communicate with a changing world.


Think of how happy you’ll feel when your debit card is loaded up with cash within 3 minutes of any customer transaction – from anywhere in the world.

Imagine yourself pulling in $2,000, $3,000, up to $10,000 dollars in extra cash each month or each week from an online business that takes advantage of the Online Video Communication TREND we see happening right before our eyes.

Can I ask you to imagine how you would feel if you knew your money worries were gone for good?

Sooner or later you realize that now is the time to change your life for the good. Now is the time to take advantage of an opportunity that has benefited so many around the globe.

When people like yourself, join Talk Fusion, they wonder what took them so long.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you go to the ATM machine and pull out hundreds of dollars at a time – all from people making money with online video – even if they care nothing about making video. You make money BECAUSE other people –round the world want and need to make video. But YOU GET PAID.


Some people say to me – “I just can’t afford join any business opportunity right now”. But you can relax about the small sign up fee to join Talk Fusion because the goal is to bring you about $8,000 a month or more – in 200 days or less – That’s about $100,000 a year – wouldn’t you agree?

And of course it’s a small investment to make compared to the rewards of making an extra $2,000 – $4,000 up to $10,000 a week from a network of people all over the world – people – plugging into Talk Fusion’s Powerful Video Platform.

And – It’s not important if you have no sales or marketing experience. Talk Fusion gives you free ongoing training to insure your success with this opportunity. It’s a simple, 4-STEP sharing strategy called THE DIAMOND RUSH program.

The only thing that’s important is that you follow the tested and proven Diamond Rush program. And starting from scratch, you can give yourself an income of $100,000 a year into 200 days or less. ($100K a year is about $8,000 a month.)

Experience shows that the sooner you check the Join Now button on the Talk Fusion membership site, the sooner you can share this with your friends and business associates and have an income growing from all over the world.

I would not advise you to join the Talk Fusion opportunity until you watch the Recorded Video Presentation and then call me with your questions about this. That way we can make sure the cash-flow program is going to work for you no matter where you live in the world.

And… You might want to call up a couple of friends to watch the Video presentation with you – who knows, they might be the first ones to join you on this grand adventure of making money from this Online Video Trend with Instant Pay from an International, Global Market.

I’m not going to say “This is the perfect income opportunity for you.” Because only you can come to that conclusion. I only know that for me – I wanted a home-based business I wanted an online business and I wanted one that would pay me residual income for the work that I did.

As you consider the benefits of joining our Talk Fusion team – you might like to see a list of folks from around the world who are loving the income generated from sharing the Talk Fusion Video Platform. Once you go to the Talk Fusion Membership site, you’ll find a RECOGNITION button which has a HUGE list of people from around the world who are making money using this social media platform of online video.

It’s important that you feel you’re making the right decision – Is it not? That’s why you’ll be glad to know that Talk Fusion is highly rated by the DSA (Direct Selling Association). Thousands of companies would love this rating, but the DSA is picky about who they grant a membership to. And Talk Fusion adheres to the highest ethical business practices. I love their support and training. And you’ll be thrilled to know that you’ve got my commitment to help you succeed in this global business opportunity with Instant Pay. I want you on my team.

I’m not going to tell you this is the only way to make money – out there – but an online business sure makes sense to me. I don’t want to buy a hamburger franchise, nor do I want something that requires too much work for too little reward.

Think about this – a hamburger franchise needs at least 40 customers a day to make any money – at least. But Talk Fusion’s DIAMOND RUSH training gives you some serious money – about $8,000 a month – with just 40 customers signed up total. 40 is not many – Don’t you agree? And the DIAMOND RUSH program let’s you start from scratch, with no prior sales or business experience, and get your 40 sign-ups in just 200 days or less.

People who have already decided to jump in with both feet.– agree, that Talk Fusion’s online cash-flow opportunity – is perhaps, the smartest decision you can make.

Listen, it’s ok not to decide to get into this amazing cash flow opportunity today – Heck, when I first heard about this opportunity I wanted to sleep on it for a day or two. But I knew in my heart I didn’t want to let this opportunity – with all the right elements of a money-making plan pass me by.

Oregon, New York, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Indonesia
140+ Countries Are Using Talk Fusion.

Sooner or later you realize that now is the time to change your life for the good. Now is the time to take advantage of an opportunity that has benefited thousands of people like you, around the globe. – Folks in Oregon, New York, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Indonesia and more.

As a company we stand by our products and services – the training and support you’ll get are second to none.

The fact that you’ve read this far, means you know in your heart that Talk Fusion can change your life.

That’s why it is important to get started NOW – so your network can grow exponentially.

In six months time – when you’re banking $6,000 – $8,000 maybe $10,000 a month with this online video opportunity – you’ll look back to today and feel relieved that you made the right decision to join.

It’s good that you’ve made a commitment to your financial independence.

This may not be relevant to you, but I saw Talk Fusion as the perfect advertising tool that any Business Owner could use to get more customers and increase his own cash-flow.

Who Is Using Talk Fusion?

ALREADY many “big” businesses are using it. Like — Sam’s Club, REMax Realtors, Applebees Restaurants, Mercedes Benz, FEDEX, DHL, Toyota, Craftmatic Beds, and more. It’s so easy even big business can do it.

PLUS—Thousands of small businesses are using it. Like real estate agents, lawyers, restaurants, charities, plumbers, chiropractors, network marketers, churches, even the deaf… you name it and they’re signing up. And getting the benefits of using video email and web conferencing and video sharing, and video newsletters, and everything else that comes with TALK FUSION. They are using Talk Fusion to promote their business, keep in touch with family and friends, and sending VIDEO BIRTHDAY greetings. And more. So much more.


A person can take all the Talk Fusion tools bundled up in this program and go in a thousand different directions. With a little imagination and creativity you can use the tools to start your own ad agency – you can start your own Video Newsletter Publishing business– you can hold online classes to teach math or marketing or spiritual lessons to an UNLIMITED audience– the possibilities are up to you.

PLEASE NOTE: As you might imagine, I am limiting this offer to the first 19 people who sign up with me. You see, I figure I have only so much time to help my team members charge ahead and work the DIAMOND RUSH PROGRAM in the right kind of way. I’m committed to helping 19 people for the next 200 days – reach DIAMOND LEVEL ($100,000 a year). The Diamond Rush Program requires a little effort on your part. – But as a team – we’ll be helping each other achieve “DIAMOND LEVEL” success.

Now, by all means, LOG INTO THE WEB SITE BELOW to find the JOIN NOW page or reach out to me with your questions about this wonderful online opportunity. .

In the days and weeks ahead as you discover your cash-flow growing you may begin to plan how to invest for your future. You could pay off credit cards, buy a duplex apartment and rent it out, or give support to your favorite charity. Or just save for a rainy day. The choices become yours when you have a decent cash-flow.

Maybe you haven’t imagined all the ways you can use Talk Fusion to change your life and the lives of thousands of people round the world – yet you can begin to now.

Again… Stop what you’re doing and either LOG IN to go to the Talk Fusion membership site BELOW… or contact me with your questions about this unique, online, “trend-following” home-based business.


Linwood Austin
P.S. It makes sense to discover a WORLDWIDE, ONLINE BUSINESS with a passive, residual income and INSTANT PAY, don’t you agree? Call me now.


Talk Fusion Testimonials.


“Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know I’m so proud to
be a part of Talk Fusion, and to know you …
you’re going to help thousands and thousands of lives
with that new Humane Society building. I appreciate you.”

~ Triple Diamond Bryan Conley, Florida, USA

“How many company owners are in a financial position
to give a million dollars to such a worthy cause?
And how many would actually do it? Thank you, Bob Reina.
This is an amazing company.”

~ Triple Diamond Steve Mitchell, U.K.

“Since you helped me realizing my dream
with the Talk Fusion business,
I decided to give back and support your dream as well.
Out of my commissions on a weekly or a monthly basis,
I would like to make a donation
to the Talk Fusion Animal Health Center.”

~ Triple Diamond Zoltan Acs, Hungary

“I’m very proud that I can be a Talk Fusion Associate!
I think it’s a pleasure for all of us in Hungary,
to have a CEO who shows the world how to be a better man.
It makes us all want to be better people, to try every day!”

~ 3 Star Igor Vegvari, Hungary

“Thank you so much Bob for being so good to our
four-legged family and friends. I love you for it!”

~ Silver Linda Zeno, Florida, USA

“May God bless all of you that are doing so much to
support the great work of this dedicated organization!
Visions becoming reality—it’s a beautiful thing to see happen!”

~ Bronze Evan Gould, New York, USA

“I’m a doggie foster mom and Talk Fusion Associate!
I love everything about Talk Fusion!”

~ Bronze Janine Gallyer, California, USA

“Just one more reason of far too many to count that
I am truly proud to be associated with Talk Fusion.”

~ Bronze Trish Wright, Oregon, USA

“I truly hope you know what this means to so very many
of us that have been dreaming of this day …
Your gift is the perfect example of what it means to have faith.
Thank you Bob, you are a blessing to countless
animals now and in the days to come.”

~ Pam Backer, Director of Shelter Operations,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“I want you to know how much his donation
means to the staff here. We are so energized at the
exciting treatments we’ll be able to offer animals now.
To have the ability to diagnose and better treat shelter animals
and the public’s animals means more to this staff
than you’ll ever know. We really love you guys.”

~ Lisa Knight, Executive Assistant,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU!!!!!!
The new Animal Health Center will be amazing thanks to
your generosity. So many local pets and their owners
will benefit by keeping them healthy and out of the shelters.”

~ Jeanette Wilson, Development Assistant,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“The contributions of you, Allison and everyone at Talk Fusion
have made the Animal Health Center possible,
and I especially appreciate everything that you have done.”

~ Morris Massey, Board of Directors,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“Your contribution is unbelievable and our home will be
a better place because of your generosity.
Your gift is what is finally going to get us to the finish line
and that big zero we all want–a zero euthanasia rate.
Thanks for making a difference and for having a huge heart.
I am truly grateful!”

~ Cindy Sarff, Board of Directors,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“I love it! What a great name for a great facility!
You guys rock!”

~ Patti Sutherland, Board of Directors,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“Thank you so much for the very generous pledge you made to the
new Animal Health Center. I haven’t been here long, but I can already
see that this will be a huge milestone in the growth of this
wonderful organization and I am so happy and honored to
be a part of it. Thank you for all of your support.”

~ Nash McCutchen, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“I can’t tell both of you how grateful I am for your
generosity to the animals and HSTB. If it weren’t for you,
we would not be able to see our dream come true next year.
I know your animals mean the world to you and now
because of that, many more will be able to have better lives.
Thank you so much for all you do for the
animals in our community!”

~ Connie Johnson, Board President,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“Thank you Bob for making our dream become a reality.
You have always been there for both the animals and
the Humane Society, and words just cannot describe
the magnitude of this contribution.
Talk Fusion really does believe in
speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

~ Sherry Silk, Executive Director,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“The entire staff is so grateful for this gift.
Thanks to you, we will be able to help so many more animals,
and help the animals here at the Humane Society so much more.
Your commitment to this cause is truly inspiring.
Thank you so much.”

~ Nancy McCall, Director of Development,
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Dear Mr. Reina,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits this holiday season. I am writing to thank you for your immense and crucial contribution to the Talk Fusion Animal Health Center. I would like to make sure that your generosity for this project is addressed in particular, as every day I see the enormous positive effect it will have on the Humane Society, the animals of our community, and the people who feel their pets are family. Your gift will create a haven that will not only aid the animals, but the animal lovers throughout the veterinary and private community.

Through my experiences with the Humane Society and elsewhere, I have learned that animal abuse and cruelty is an unenlightened, selfish act that happens far too much and I am personally involved with providing all that I can to help those pets in need. Similarly, I find it equally heartbreaking when a person’s best friend—their constant, loving companion—is suffering and despite an endless wealth of affection they do not have the funds to provide necessary care. This situation is lamented at many veterinary facilities throughout our region time after time.

One case in particular will always remain dear to me. A lady, along with her son, brought his cat into our facility because she had not eaten and her condition was deteriorating rapidly. This lady was a single mother and had been unable to find employment for several months. As such, she did not have any funds for treatment, and had been turned away at the door of other clinics. It was her son that struck me, though. He was perhaps five years old, cradling his cat as if he could will her to remain in this world through the power of his love alone. As his mother expressed her helpless situation, the little boy only looked up and said, “My kitty’s sick and I love her. Please make her feel better.” Fortunately, we were able to perform an emergency exploratory surgery and remove a unimaginable amount of silver Christmas tinsel from the cat’s stomach, bowel, and digestive tract. After several days of intense recovery, she was able to go home. When the little boy saw his best friend his eyes lit up and he sobbed a most heartfelt, “They did it, they saved her!” He ran to hug and cradle her while our technician explained to him the need to handle her gently, as the receptionist explained to his mother that there would be no charge. We simply requested that, if ever she is able in the future, she would make a contribution to our organization, so we may be there to provide the same love and care for another family. They left as a happy, whole family, and once more we knew that we had helped not only an animal, but the people of our community.

With your donation to the new Animal Health Center, we will be able to do so much more, for so many animals and families. Words can never express what a gift you have bestowed upon the members of your community. On behalf of all of the pets and people who will be given a chance to love and be loved in return, the veterinarians, support staff, and I thank you so very, very much. Again, these words could not come close to encompassing the magnitude of our appreciation, but know they are honest, sincere and from all of our hearts.

Gratefully Yours,
Adam Lamb
Director of Medical Operations
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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